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Audio  Dramas

Burton regularly directs audio dramas. 

In the STARGATE and DARK SHADOWS series, Burton has the pleasure of working with the original series regular cast members of these classic shows.

Stargate SG Poster
Dark Shadows -and Red All Over - U direc
Dark Shadows -  curse of Shurafa Poster
Dark Shadows-Blood and Fire Poster
Dark Shadows-Bloodlust vol 1 Poster
Dark Shadows-Deliver Us From Evil Poster
Dark Shadows-Bloodline Poster
Dark Shadows-Bloodlust vol 2 Poster
Dark  Shadows Echoes of the Past Poster


"5 out of 5 stars.  Blood and Fire is a thrilling continuation of the original series.... directors Ursula Burton, Darlington and Lidster deserve kudos.... The entire Big Finish team has preserved and progressed a beloved franchise, and its fans are so grateful for their work.

-Amazon Reviews

"Gloriously atmospheric direction."

"Directed by fresh talent."

"I was hooked throughout."

-Doc Oho Reviews

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